• Alarm Systems

  • SecuriSat Swellendam & Overberg provides state of the art alarm systems and accessories to protect your family, home, farm and business. Our trained sales staff are always available to assist you and provide you with a tailor-made solution for all your security needs.

    Installations of home, farm and business alarm systems are provided in Swellendam, Riversdale, Bredasdorp, Heidelberg, Barrydale and other areas in the Overberg region.

    Securisat has now also expanded into the Kougo municipal area and is delivering services in Humansdorp, Jeffrey's Bay, Hankey and Patensie.

    SecuriSat specializes in Paradox, Texecom, PIMA and other alarm systems.

  • Keypads | LED, LCD and Touchscreen

     Indoor protection

    • Standard infra red detectors
    • Curtain infra red detectors
    • Magnetic door contacts
    • Smoke sensors
    • Emergency buttons
  • Outdoor detection 

    • Curtain beam - Strip beams or curtain beams are long and narrow beams that vary in height as well as distance. They come in heights 70 cm, 117 cm and 210 cm and the distance they cover is 10 meters, 30 meters, 60 meters and 100 meters. These beams are perfect for workshops, barns, large windows or as a perimeter around the house or factory.
    • Emergency buttons.
    • Standard point-to-point beam
    • Dual Beams - Point to point beams and are ideal for long narrow distances around the building or in close proximity of the boundary wall. They vary in distances from 40 meters to 250 meters. 
    • Outdoor infra-red detectors

    There are two types of outdoor sensors supplies by Paradox. These are:

    1. The NV780 is an alley passive infrared sensor and works best across windows or alleys next to the boundary wall. These or not the only application as they can also be used to protect barns and workshops.

    2. The DG85 is the standard outdoor sensor. It works good in courtyards, open areas between the boundary wall and buildings and sleeping areas. Most alarms do not take the sleeping areas into account when they are designed.

    • Security lighting

    Most people forget what a great deterent standard security lights are. Criminals need a dark area to perform their illegal deeds. Placing lights in the correct areas will make it less attractive for any person to enter your premises. Other alternatives are motion sensor lights, remote activated lights or lights that come on using a day/night sensor

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