• Electric Fencing

  • The first line of defense in securing your safety. SecuriSat provides quality assured Nemtek fencing comprising a full range of energizers and electric fencing hardware. SecuriSat fencing complies with stringent quality requirements as required by Government, municipal authorities and industry leaders. Protect your home, business or agricultural property with SecuriSat’s trusted range of electric fencing products. 

    Electric fencing for your home, farm and business

    Electric fencing and a possible high voltage shock is a powerful deterrent for intruders attempting to cross the perimeter
    Optional detection software alerts SecuriSat’s Control Centre and/or the property owner of possible intrusions and disruptions on the power-grid

    Electric fencing for game reserves

    Traditionally electric fencing for animal management was not equipped with a fence monitor to detect intrusions or breakages. Detection features has since become an integral part of game and animal control and allows its owner to monitor the condition of the fence without having to physically patrol the perimeter

    Game poaching has become a major concern in South Africa and its game reserves under continuous pressure to combat a growing market for amongst other species under threat; Rhino- and Elephant horn. SecuriSat is committed to develop fencing hardware and support to combat poaching on all terrains

    Agricultural sector

    SecuriSat provides a range of electric fencing products for the agricultural sector. Please enquire for further information.

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